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"Welcome to my website which will allow you to know my activities of author, teacher, drummer, percussionist and painter. You can also find more general information about the contemporary drumset (with pedals) and Brazilian, Afro-Cuban and Mandingo percussions. " - Marc de Douvan -

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Drumset section All about the drumset: its history, the precise and detailed description of the instruments which form it, the famous drummers that you've got to know, ...

: : : Percussions

Percussions section The Brazilian (batucada), Afro-Cuban and African (Mandingo) percussions presented with a description of all the instruments...

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Lessons section Find regularly new free original lessons from Marc De Douvan, on drumset, percussions, for every levels...

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Methods section

The two drumset methods written by Marc De Douvan, one for beginner and intermediate level, one for advanced level, in book format, available here. They address all styles. You will find the best techniques of the best virtuoso drummers, an original approach to improvisation and learning based on mathematics, for a perfect and effective progressiveness and also original phrases and compositions.

: : : Interactivity

Interactivity section This section brings together traditional polyrhythms with a historical text and interactive audio clips. Listen, for example, a samba with 15 voices with the choice of the instruments that you want to hear!

: : : Private lessons via Skype

Course section NEW! Discover the individual drum courses offered by Marc De Douvan in videoconference, wherever you are in the world, via Skype.

Marc de Douvan

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October 20, 2016:

New video of an improvised drum set solo by Marc De Douvan in Afro-Cuban style (with left foot clave and right foot tumbao in independence) recorded and filmed the October 19, 2016.

October 12, 2016:

New video lesson by Marc De Douvan:

"The Bossa-Jazz-funk from A to Z"

Original interactive progressive lesson extracted from the two drumset methods of Marc De Douvan.

July 12, 2015:

the publication of the translation in English of the GREAT DRUMMERS pages is done now!

March 31, 2015:

The translation of the free online lessons ended today with the lesson "Conceiving your drum set", which is perhaps unique in its genre in the world wide web (lesson augmented today, with 10 examples of sets in subjective view, set up and photographed by myself, a precise description of the elements, and stylistic, technical (practical interest of each placing and element) and historical explanations, including the description of forty original sets of famous drummers of all periods and styles, with sometimes original instruments designed especially for them and by them and sometimes sold in stores).

January 23, 2014:

New private lessons by video conference with Marc De Douvan via Skype are available here.

June 4, 2013:

The translation in English of the "Percussions" pages (about Mandingo, Brazilian and Afro-Cuban traditional percussions) with an original technical and historical description, with photos of instruments and gestures, basic lessons, audio demos played by Marc De Douvan and interactive polyrhythms (multitrack animations), and also some additions, is finished here!

March 7, 2013:

The translation in English of "drumset instruments" with an original technical and historical description and some additions (such as "sounds") is finished here.

October 18, 2012:

The translation in English of the French version of this website will be made progressively (day after day). Thank you for your comprehension and patience. You can contact me through my personal E-mail for any question, correction or suggestion.

Marc De Douvan

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